Ending world hunger: Can data pave the way?

Client: Freethink // WFP for Palantir
What: Documentary focusing on the World Food Programme‘s response during COVID, combating hunger and distributing PPE, for which the WFP won a Nobel Peace Prize. The project was sponsored by Palantir, who provides data management systems for the WFP to help coordinate their efforts. 

Ikea Everyday Rituals Campaign

Client: IKEA
What: Swixer provided production service for Ecstasy Of Gold, on the Ikea ‘Every day Rituals’ international advertising campaign. The concept focuses on everyday habits to improve daily life, whilst using Ikea products. We helped produced a total of 10 films spanning 6 countries.

All 10 films were filmed consecutively across a 3-month period. Swixer ensured smooth transitions between locations and a consistent workflow. The content is used to showcase Ikea products on their website whilst offering a window into cultural rituals globally.
We provided: Swixer supplied production service in the form of Fixers, crew, equipment, transport, catering and props.

Earthshot – Clean Our Air

Client: Silverback Films / BBC 1
What: As a result of the pandemic this episode was almost entirely shot with local crew. Earthshot is a five part series about climate change, launched by Prince William aired on BBC1.
We provided: Full production including: Director, Local Producer, DoP, Sound, Focus Puller/gaffer, Drone, Interviews, Equipment, Transport, Transcription, Accommodation, Flights, Catering etc.

Green Cities Europe

Client: Captains.nl
What: Footage of Vallastaden, a completely new city district based on mixed use and environmental sustainability.
We provided: Remote production with a DoP and Drone.

Digitalhjälpen – när omvärlden sluter sig hjälper vi dig att öppna den

Client: Bond Street Film / Post och Telestyrelsen 
What: Campaign for Post och Telestyrelsen about the site Digitalhjälpen
We provided: Locations

Internal video for IKEA

Client: Captains, NL
What: Interviews with IKEA employees
We provided: Full production including producer, DP, Sound and equipment.

Das Traumschiff

Client: Polyphon
What: German TV-drama series
We provided: Full scale production Services. Managing a crew of 50 people we provided scouting, locations, line production, crew, permits, actors, 100 extras, vehicles, logistics, catering etc. The shoot lasted for two weeks and we worked with pre-production for several weeks.

Guy’s Garage Season 1 Episode 1

Production company: North One Television
What: Channel 4 UK – Guy’s Garage
We provided:  Local Fixer/guide/driver, transportation, hotels, meals, & logistics.

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder

Client: Dragonfly TV / Discovery+
What: True crime documentary about the murder of Anni Dewani
We provided: DoP, AC, Local Producer, Drone, transport, equipment and remote streaming solution.

L’Oréal Paris’ “Women Of Worth”

Client: NBCU / L’Oréa
What: Women Of Worth campaign with Katherine Langford
We provided: Full remote production with local crew & client present via link.

Little Big Italy

Client: Banijay Italia / Discovery+
What: Cooking/travel TV show about Italian people living abroad. The host of the show travels the world and meets with Italians expats, together they try out Italian food.
We provided:  DoP, AC, Local Producer, Drone, transport, equipment and remote streaming solution.

Battlefield 2042 Reveal – EA & Dice

Production company: Advncr
What: Livestream studio show Q&A
We provided: Production Manager/Fixer, Production and location services, talent relations, HMU, on-site Covid testing

Normal People – BBC & HULU

Production company: Element Pictures
What: Drama series shown on BBC & HULU
We provided: Producer, Production Manager, location, Sound Operator, DIT, Hair & Make Up, transport, assistants.


Client: Lululemon
Production Service: Swixer
Photographer: Matthew Korinek
We helped Lululemon produce their winter campaign. We provided everything needed in terms of: management, planning, scheduling, scouting, crew, DoP, locations, equipment, SFX, props etc.
Media: Electronic media, web, social media, video, in-store & social campaigns


Brand: Volvo
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Production: Park Pictures
Director: Vincent Haycock
Production Service: Swixer
We helped produce plate shots.

Home Apple

What: ”Home”, documentary series for Apple TV
Brand: Apple
Production company: Four M Studios (Time Inc. Production)
Production services: Swixer
The episode we helped produce included more than a month of both planning and filming spread over two different periods of time. We managed a crew of 25 people and provided everything needed: crew, equipment, logistics, food, hotel, catering and so on.

Google Play Music – Rooted In Music

Agency: BBH – LA
Client: Google Play
Production: Pulse Films / Victor Papa
Director: Mike Piscitelli
Production Service: Swixer

Netflix – Abstract: The Art of Design

Client: Radical Media / Netflix
We provided: Local Producer, Production Co-ordinator, Runners, Gaffer, Sound Technician, Hair/MUA, Ronin Operator, Equipment & Transport.


Client: Bloomberg
What: Documentary for ‘Hello World’
We provided: PA/Driver, vehicles, booking/coordinating, flights and equipment.

Microsoft Xbox – Project Scorpio

Production company: Capture Los Angeles
Agency: Ayzenberg
What: Xbox – Project Scorpio
We provided: Production Manager, studio/location, DP, Gaffer, Sound Operator, DIT, Hair & Make & equipment


Client: R/GA Content Studio / Mercedes-Benz 
We provided: Fixer, Camera Operator, Sound Operator, Translator, Transcription and full equipment.

Showtime – Dark Net Upgrade

Production company: Part 2 Pictures / Vocativ
Network: Showtime
What: Documentary
We provided: DoP, Sound Recordist, PA’s, equipment, hotel, vehecles, transportation, logistics

BBC Newsnight

What: News report
Network: BBC
Production services: We helped out with research and booked interviews with crime experts and politicians.

Microsoft – Partnerfilm

Client: Microsoft
Production: Rational Interaction
Production services: Swixer
We provided: Local crew, equipment, transport and logistics

Travel Man

Client: North One Television
TV Show: Travel Man
We provided: Fixer, PAs, Transport & Locations.

Netflix – Trailer Park Boys Out Of The Park: Europe

Production Company: TPB OTP Productions Inc.
What: Out of the park – Europe Tour
We provided: We managed locations, equipment, props, logistics, transport and scheduling. We also provided a Unit Manager, Coordinator, Location Manager, PA, Drivers and booked Peter Forsberg as a guest star to the show.

CNN Courageous / Princess Cruises

Client: CNN Courageous / Princess Cruises
What: Branded Content video
Director: Mahala Gaylord
Production Service: Swixer
We provided: Fixer, sound operator, lighting crew, PA’s, props and transport. 

MAMMA MIA! The Party

Client: MM! the Party AB
Agency: Dewynters
Produced by: Steam Motion and Sound
Director: Brett Sullivan
Production Service: Swixer
We provided: Production management, casting, local crew, equipment and scheduling.


Production company: Cocoa Mediaproductions
Brand: Kone
We provided: Local Producer, Casting, Drone pilot, Scouting, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Gaffer, SAD, Actors & Extras

Wish Stories

Client: Wish
Production company: Boundless Productions
Production service: Swixer
We provided: Fixer, locations, PA and transportation

National Geographics – Facing Putin

Production company: Network Entertainment:
We provided: Production Manager, scouting, locations, drivers, PA’s, hair & make, sound recordist, electrican, grip, camera Op, interpreters, transport, equipment

National Geographics – Facing Saddam

Production company: Network Entertainment
We provided: Production Manager, scouting, locations, drivers, PA’s, hair & make, sound recordist, electrican, grip, camera Op, interpreters, transport, equipment 

SWARCO – Public Transport Solutions

Client: Swarco
Production company: Friends & Fellows Media
Production service: Swixer
We provided: production management, casting, locations, crew and scheduling.

House Hunters International

Production company: Leopard Films
What: House Hunters International / Renovation
We provided: During the past eight years we have provided production services and crew for House Hunters International. This includes: director, DP, PA’s, drivers, fixers, transport, logistics and permits etc.

Through The Wormwhole with Morgan Freeman

Production Company: Revelations Entertainment
What: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
We provided: Fixer, transportation, logistics and filming permits.

Tempur – We love sleep

Production Company: 50 Kaliber
Client: TEMPUR
What: Customer Testimonial Campaign
We provided: location, catering, production managment, camera operators, sound recordist, translators, still photographer, transport, scheduling and call sheet.

CNN Living Golf

Client: VCCP / CNN
What: CNN Living Golf
We provided: Sound Recordist and equipment.

SKY – 50 Ways to kill your mammy

Production company: Burning Bright Productions
What: 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
We provided: Crew, vehecles, transportation and logistics.

History Channel – The real vikings

Production company: T5 Viking DOC Productions Inc.
What: TV-series for History
We provided: PA/Driver, vehicles, booking/coordinating, flights and equipment.

Around the world with 80-year olds

Production company: Talpa Germany
Production service: Swixer
We provided: Fixer, research/ideas, locations, transport, PA’s